"The more elaborate our means of communication the less we communicate"

Joseph Priestley

Redvoice is more than just coaching – Redvoice is a concept.

At the heart of this concept is simplicity – the simplicity of communication.

Centred around a “collective” of highly experienced coaches, Redvoice courses are dynamic and energetic and bring a truly experiential flavour to the world of training.

Redvoice offers clients everything from communication skills training and presentation skills training, to media training and voice coaching.

Unlike so many other training companies, all the Collective work at the "coalface" of their industry; with experts in voice, body language and camera technique, as well as professional interviewers and speech writers. They say: “those who can, do and those who can’t, teach”. Well the Redvoice “Collective” break this rule, they “do” and then share the knowledge.

All the Redvoice programmes are devised for the individual client, looking at the overall objective of the training as well as the needs of each individual taking part. The result is a simple set of tools that can be quickly and easily applied.

Understanding how we communicate has never been easier!

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