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"The more elaborate our means of communcation, the less we communicate"

Joseph Priestley

Communication Skills Training

By exploring all areas of verbal and non-verbal communication, this course works with each individual to maximise the impact and effectiveness of their communication skills.

Through technical exercises, camera work and continuous feedback, participants are given the tools they need to make permanent changes to their communication skills style in any given situation including meetings, presentations, pitches and tele/video conferences. 

The course is highly interactive and combines personal attention with a great team building experience.

Good communication skills - knowing what to say and how to say it effectively - lies at the heart of all successful businesses. In an age where people “talk” less than ever, communicating your message effectively has never been more crucial to success!

See Communication Coach Victoria Pritchard

Content Workshop

This course explores the do's and don’ts of how to structure the content of a presentation. From power point tips and where to start, to perfecting the art of “Less is more.”

This informative workshop will show you how the structure of your content can engage an audience and communicate your message clearly and concisely.

Whatever your presentation, be it facts, figures or even scientific data, the way you structure what you say is crucial to what your audience remembers!

See Content Coach Clive Panto

Redvoice courses can be run as half day or full day programmes for any number of delegates from 1-2-1 to large groups.

Please call 07976 237650 for more information about the Redvoice programme.

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